Goodman Lab In The Department of Molecular
and Cellular Physiology

The Worm Club: Mechan(obiolog)ical Engineering

Principal Investigators
Miriam Goodman
Beth Pruitt

Postdoctoral Scholars
Juan G. Cueva
Valeria Vásquez

Graduate Students            Eileen Mazzochette                  Ki-wook Jung

Former Members
Sung-Jin Park                         Joey C. Doll
Bryan Petzold
Pierre Ponce
Sanna Ali


Beth Pruitt
Hometown: San Francisco, California
University: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (S.B.), Stanford University (Ph.D.)

The first experiment Dr. Beth Pruitt and Dr. Miriam Goodman outlined together in the fall of 2002 was written on the back of a napkin after they were introduced to each other through a mutual colleague of theirs, Dr. Greg Kovacs. Since then, the Goodman-Pruitt Mechanobiology Project (better known as “The Worm Club”) has continued to design experiments using small scale microsystems in the hope of better understanding human genetics and touch sensitivity. After obtaining her bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, Dr. Pruitt worked in the navy for five years and did postdoctoral work in Lausanne, Switzerland. Dr. Pruitt says that what she enjoys most about working on the Worm Club project is how complete the understanding of C. elegans genetics is and the ability it gives researchers to turn on or off proteins and genes in a clean and controlled way in experimental settings. “Six years ago I never expected to work with worms,” Dr. Pruitt said. “But now there are more questions than Miriam and I will ever have the time to answer, but for now it’s pretty exciting.”

Eileen Mazzochette


Eileen's Microsystems Lab page

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Ki-wook Jung


Former Members

Bryan Petzold

Current Position: Consultant at McKinsey & Company

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Pierre Ponce

Joey C. Doll

Current Position: MEMS Development Engineer at SiTime

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Sung-Jin Park


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